As plant-lovers and past owners of a landscape company, we’ve put plants just about anywhere you can. But we were often frustrated by the fact that these amazing objects of beauty were usually relegated to places in or just slightly above the ground. You had to look down to truly see and appreciate them and that’s not something we humans like to do. People move through the world with their heads held high and because of it, we’re missing so much.

Then one day, we got an idea—why not use our porch posts to raise plants up to eye-level and create a whole new pop of color? And the El Patio Post Planter was born.


Before now, there weren’t many options for getting plants more than a few feet off the ground. You can use tall planters but they may take up too much space on your landing and the taller they are, the more they cost—literally hundreds of dollars. Or you can use hanging baskets but they often block your windows, darken your interior and wreck you view.


For us, the solution was simple—create a great-looking planter that wraps around an existing house post. It had to be adjustable, because our posts aren’t a standard size. Nothing existed to fit them, so we had to make it ourselves. And when we set our minds to something, it’s best to just get out of the way.

                                                                                                – Todd & Julie